The Locum Doctors Union was formed in 2016 by a group of UK locum doctors who decided to tackle the policy of capping the pay rates for locum doctors, which largely failed around August 2016. But then there was a new development which needed a far more concerted effort to handle. This was the Reformed Intermediaries Legislation popularly known as ‘IR35’ in April 2017 which was a blanket formula affecting the nature of contracting between public bodies and freelancer contractors. LDU has again risen to the challenge, to provide a clear voice of sanity and clarity in a bid to facilitate lawful compliance by all stakeholders in ensuring that every individual freelance locum doctor who has a limited company is given the realistic assessment which ascertains whether they are employees or freelance contractors.

The NHS is in crisis and as medical professionals we face well-documented struggles on a daily basis. Now, being mislabelled as an employee, when we have chosen to work on a freelance basis, foregoing the numerous employee benefits, adds needless emotional and financial strain to an already demanding role.

LDU is a not-for-profit organisation, aiming to change to CIC, Community Interest Company, which will work toward the benefit of the medical community and hence extend its membership to all medical personal, not only doctors. It will support its members by bringing together experience and expertise while offering a reference point for common interest.

Working Together We Can Achieve This

Disclaimer: LDU is not affiliated with any other group who claim to be LDU.